COVID-19 UPDATE (3/15/20)

Per guidance from the American Veterinary Medical Association, our local TVMA, as well as the Texas Veterinary Medical Board, veterinarians in the state of Texas have been advised to postpone all wellness care and elective procedures until further notice.  Illness and injury concerns for existing clients are to be addressed first via a telemedicine consult with our Doctor (standard fees apply if advice +/- treatment given in lieu of visit).  If our doctor determines a clinic visit is necessary, patients will be seen on a drop-off basis.  Drop off appointments will be available from 10am-3pm Mon-Thurs. We will provide explicit instructions for clinic visit and we will safely sanitize your pet upon discharge. 

The staff at Hampshire Vet is taking all necessary precautions surrounding biosafety via social distancing, sanitization and PPE when indicated.  We do not currently have any symptomatic staff members and we have home quarantine measures in place should that change. Please advise us prior to patient drop-off if anyone who has handled your pet is experiencing (or has experienced in the last 14 days) symptoms referable to Covid-19 (dry cough, fever, malaise/fatigue, shortness of breath).  Pets do not currently serve as a host for the virus, but viral particles can be transported from human to pet to human by means of the pet acting as a surface (fomite).  

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding regarding these adjustments as they allow us to continue to offer vital veterinary services in a safe, convenient and expedient manner.  Thank you!


Dr. Baxter and the staff at Hampshire Vet


*ADDENDUM (4/1/2019)*

As of April 1, 2019 Hampshire Mobile Vet is no longer accepting new patients.  While we do wish we could see every patient in need, we are very careful never to compromise the quality of our care by taking on more patients than our practice can safely manage.  We are so grateful for your interest in our services and appreciate your understanding with regard to this policy change.                              -Dr. Baxter & Staff




Hampshire Mobile Vet is a unique veterinary practice offering the broadest spectrum of general veterinary needs in all of the Houston.  We provide, house-call and clinic visits, soft-tissue surgery, dental services, hospitalization, and at-home palliative and euthanasia services. Our doctor is also one of the few USDA accredited category II veterinarians (all species) in Houston authorized to certify pets traveling to international destinations.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you and your babies with whatever your veterinary health care or travel needs may be.

-Dr. Baxter & Team HMV

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