How do house calls work? 

It’s simple – Our doctor and 1-2 technicians (depending on the extent of the visit) will come to your home in our work van.  We do not work on patients in the van, but instead we come into the home so they can remain in their comfort zone.  We follow any instructions you may have in advance about your pet’s sensitivities or idiosyncrasies as well as any preferences you may have e.g. don’t ring the doorbell, park on street, etc. We bring in a suitcase roll-bag containing our gear,  a scale and cooler. In most circumstances, we work with patients on the floor in a common area to maintain their comfort.  Often we ask owners to assist in giving treats or other distraction techniques as we administer medications or gather samples and trim nails.  Our doctor will talk with you at length to ensure we have the best plan for the visit and that all needs are met in the proper order.  When finished, we tidy up and prepare any medications back at our truck.  Simultaneously, one of our team will review the invoice with you and can take payment by cash, check or CC. All medications will be labeled and reviewed with you before leaving.  We do our best to ensure any and all questions or concerns have been addressed at our visits. Its as easy as that.

What are the advantages of a house call? 

Time and stress reduction: Our house call affords you and your pet the convenience of staying at home, where most all of their basic veterinary needs can be met. Not only does this services spare you the commute to and from a clinic, but also the lost time waiting to check in, waiting for a room, and the check-out line.  Our visits typically last 30 minutes to an hour depending on the number of pets we are seeing.  The whole process is so much easier and quicker. We tend to be on time within a 15-20 minute margin of error unlike most all other service contractors who require a 4h window of availability.

The multiple pet advantage: Lugging any more than 2 pets to a clinic is a serious hassle, especially if any of them get nervous in the car or act unpredictable around other animals.  It is tricky trying to keep pets under control in a busy waiting room.  Not to mention very few cats sign up for the pet carrier and car ride. Having us come to you eliminates all of these hassles and allow us more space to work on pet’s at home vs. an exam room.  Savings is another benefit, since our house call fee is flat rate and distributes nicely over multiple pets.

Leave your key: Many clients get so accustomed to the consistent quality of care we provide that they leave us a key/entry code to see their pet if an issue occurs when they are not present. For example, a busy day of work meetings or when away on a trip.  We pride ourselves on helping in any way we can, especially when your pet’s health problems are time sensitive.  We encourage pet owners to share our contact with their pet sitters so we can answer any questions and assist when owners are out of town (with permissions).

Other reasons why house calls can help: Busy job, frequent travel, kids, owner disability, pet disability, aggressive, anxious, or fearful dog/cat, no transportation, extremely heavy pets, at-home euthanasia services.

Things to consider:

Geographic restriction: As much as we would like to help everyone who needs us, we are restricted by the size of Houston and it’s unpredictable traffic.  In general, our boundary is west of I-45 and extends nearly to BW8 N/W/S.  We will consider more distant visits as time permits on a non-emergency basis.  Visits beyond our geo restriction do require a travel fee calculated by mileage.  (see our policies section for more specific details on our boundaries).  You can always call us to inquire by phone, email or text.

Scheduling: Because we are a unique service traveling all over Houston, there are some logistic challenges on our end to ensure we arrive promptly to each appointment. We try to streamline our travel trajectory in order to help pets as soon as they need us.  If you need a visit, please call or text — email is less time sensitive. First we need to know what specifically you are needing assistance with (routine care vs. sick visit) so we can determine how much time is needed for the visit. We also like to hear your day and time of day preferences up front.  We then consult with the team and get back with you asap to offer you the best possible spot. We appreciate your patience, as there is a little more back and forth than you may be used to when scheduling a clinic visit.  We also ask that you let us know of any changes to your schedule/cancellations as soon as possible these can significantly impact our travel trajectory for the day. Thank you for your consideration!

We thank you so much for your interest in our services.  If you would prefer a clinic visit instead, our “Clinic Services” link has full details.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you and your babies in the near future.