As of November 2017, HMV is offering clinic appointments 2-3 days weekly at our brick & mortar facility in Westbury (SW) Houston.  Our location is convenient and we have ample parking.  You can pull your vehicle right up to our front door if your pets are a handful.

Our clinic, like our house calls, was designed by Dr. B to minimize stress in our patients.  It does not smell or look like a veterinary clinic, its more like a home. We see only one appointment at a time to avoid pet traffic jams in the waiting area and undue waiting.  HMV also allows drop-off appointments if preferred.

Surgeries and Dental procedures are scheduled in the mornings 2 days weekly.  We do not offer “dental month promotions” nor do we practice the assembly line approach of too many procedures in one day.  Each patient is assigned an anesthesia technician who carefully monitors patient vitals during procedures and our doctor administers all anesthetic medications using a multi-modal approach.  All patients are monitored carefully postoperatively through to discharge.

HMV offers hospitalization for patients requiring overnight IV therapy or medical boarding though our space is limited, so we do not offer general boarding or grooming services.

We look forward to seeing you at the office!